📃MUADAO White Paper


MUA is the first asset creator community that centers around the Artificial Intelligence + Human Modular Universal Asset Protocol. Through the MUA-initiated MUA7648 protocol, we accelerate the modularization of AI Agent assets, support the unlimited issuance and royalty recursion of asset splits and combinations, achieve value interoperability between humans and AI Agents, and maximize economic prosperity. The MUA ecosystem includes MUA7648, MUA Academy, MUA Cantina, MUA Labs,and MUAverse, with over 5,000 certified creators, establishing it the largest asset creator community in the industry.


In 2008, when the first genesis block with a sequence number of 0 was created, few could have imagined that in just sixteen years, humanity would create a new world for itself. In 2023, as Earth Online continues to iterate new versions, humans are becoming familiar with and accepting the gradual integration of AI Agents into our daily lives and work. What changes might the next sixteen years bring? Will androids dream of electric sheep? Will AI self-awaken and possess its own Earth Online ID?

The assets created by humans can be valued and bound by fiat currency accounts, but how are assets created by AI defined, valued, and traded with humans?

The answer is almost clear: the blockchain-based crypto wallets and currencies are sufficient to support the productivity exchanges based on value creation in the next era where humans may coexist with AI.

Current State of Web3 AI Assets

Unlike Large Language Models (LLMs) that require significant GPU support to enter product iterations, the AI ecosystem in Web3 leans more towards the application of AI Agents. Currently, while most AI Agent products offer smart interactive experiences, they commonly face the following issues:

Lack of Personalization: Despite the ability to customize character appearances, the depth of interaction and personalized content often remain homogenized, failing to meet individual user needs.

Limited Scalability: Many AI Agents' functions and capabilities are difficult to expand or upgrade after their initial design, which limits the product’s long-term appeal and user engagement.

Lack of Ownership and Tradability: Users can create or customize content and characters, but there is a lack of true ownership, making it difficult to form genuinely tradable AI assets that are relevant to the users.


Modular Universal Asset, abbreviated as MUA.

MUA has been dedicated to leading the community in producing more engaging, interoperable, and programmable gamified digital assets. Since its inception in early 2022, MUA has grown to include over 5,000 certified creators and studios worldwide, along with nearly 90,000 community players, making it the largest Web3 creator community globally. The MUA ecosystem encompasses products such as MUA7648, MUA Academy, MUA Cantina, and MUAverse. It has established official partnerships with MIT, CAFA, IEEE, and SUTD and is the exclusive global ISV for Alibaba Cloud's Metaverse solutions. Additionally, MUA is the exclusive authorized web3 solution supplier to the Hong Kong government and Ant Group.

Through the MUA-initiated MUA7648 protocol, we expedite the modularization of AI Agent assets, support the unlimited issuance and royalty recursion of asset splits and combinations, and facilitate the value exchange between humans and AI Agents, maximizing economic prosperity.

MUA DAO serves as a creators' industry guild, with a core of Artificial Intelligence + Human Modular Universal Asset Protocol, sketching out the future form of human work. Similar entities include Yield Guild Games DAO, the most renowned decentralized gaming guild.

What is MUA DAO?


Modular Universal Asset (MUA) is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that aims to liberate creators, including humanized and AI Agents, from the current economic constraints of the industry. Our mission is to facilitate the free upgrading and combination of Artificial Intelligence + Humanized Modular Universal Assets, maximizing benefits for all involved. As the largest creators' guild in the crypto world, MUA is committed to providing a wealth of outstanding builder resources for the industry, optimizing community-owned assets for maximum utility, and sharing profits with token holders.


The founding team is the core and the earliest participants of MUA DAO. The composition of the DAO will gradually expand to include early investors and, most importantly, those interested in building modular encrypted assets. This includes professionally trained builders with design experience, whose backgrounds span:

  1. Creators in the design industry who are professionally trained and experienced in design (painting, animation, special effects, etc.)

  2. AI Agent creators who are professionally trained and experienced in production (rigging, character design, voice training, prompts, etc.)

  3. Game industry creators who are professionally trained and experienced in business operations (3D modeling, motion capture, game development, level design, game planning, etc.)

  4. Community players interested in AI Agents or GameFi.

MUA Ecosystem Explanation

Protocol Layer

MUA7648 MUA7648 is an asset standard initiated and submitted by MUA DAO, comprising both ERC-7648 and BRC-7648, to support the limitless issuance and royalty recursion of asset splits and combinations. Through MUA7648, creators across the entire chain ecosystem can achieve scalability of assets and maximize benefits.

dApp/dev/creator Layer

MUA Academy Includes a series of products such as MUA Design Awards, MUA Super AI Editor, MUA Tutorial, and MUA Discover, gathering a large number of creators from around the world. Within the MUA ecosystem, these creators participate in design competitions, publish works, and undertake commercial orders.

MUA Cantina-Marketplace This is a modular AI-NFT marketplace that allows users to browse, buy, sell, and exchange NFT-ized modular components and complete AI agents. It breaks down existing AI Agents into NFT modular components, including virtual character model animations (3D NFT character models and animations based on royalty recursion), RAG (or fine-tuned model libraries), TTS voice models, and other model library resources. Through MUA Cantina, the existing AI Agent interaction interface can be upgraded, allowing users to select and combine different NFT modules according to their needs and preferences, thereby capitalizing distinctive AI Agents. MUA Cantina's trading logic employs ERC7648—the industry’s first modular AI NFT asset under a patent royalty recursion NFT asset splitting, synthesis, and reissue protocol, integrating smart contracts.

MUAverse MUAverse includes an AI-driven interactive engine and an all-chain interoperable gaming platform. It showcases MUA's product form at the digital asset display layer zero. Whether you are a player or a commercial entity, all your assets will be displayed and traversed in the most engaging way across multiple public chains and various artistic styles within the game space. MUAverse supports all types of assets generated through MUA Cantina, including NFT-characterized AI Agents.

MUA Labs MUA Labs is the official digital asset issuance studio of MUA DAO. Team members come from top design academies in North America and Europe, combining exquisite game visual design with Crypto Native gamified marketing solutions. It provides innovative, tailor-made Web3 market growth solutions for enterprise users. MUA Labs is an exclusive global ISV in the relevant fields of Alibaba Cloud International, with clients including AliPay+ in the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, the Hong Kong government, Hashkey Exchange, and others.


  • $MUA $MUA is the native utility token within the MUA DAO ecosystem, used for transactions, yield mining, staking to access exclusive content, and paying for network services. A total of 1,000,000,000 MUA tokens will be minted. The supply distribution will occur over multiple stages scheduled on different dates for various purposes.

  • MUA Badge NFT: Includes professional creation certification level badges and community contribution certification level badges. Holders of the MUA Badge will obtain community governance rights and a share of $MUA IDO airdrops. Learn more about the MUA Badge system

  • MUA Boarding Pass: A functional NFT within MUAverse for Free Mint. This NFT serves as proof of participation in MUA community activities, offering opportunities to use assets, travel, and receive benefits within MUAverse. MUA Boarding Passes come in different tiers, which can be upgraded through active community participation. The level of the pass determines the rewards and airdrops received—with higher levels yielding more substantial rewards. Holders of MUA Boarding Pass will receive a share of $MUA airdrops.

  • MUA Infinity Gate: An NFT minted within the BTC ecosystem under the BRC420 inscription, MUA Infinity Gate holders will have permanent personal 3D AIGC space within MUAverse and are entitled to import and display their all-chain NFT assets at any time, and can recombine and split these to create new M-Space space inscription NFTs. Holders of MUA Infinity Gate will receive a share of $MUA airdrops.

Ecosystem support

  • Brc20-$BMBI: A fair launch BRC20 inscription supported within the BTC ecosystem in MUAverse, $BMBI can be used to purchase gaming items in the MUAverse market within the BTC ecosystem.

  • $BTC: As the most mainstream decentralized digital currency, supported within the BTC ecosystem in MUAverse, $BTC can be used to purchase gaming items in the MUAverse market within the BTC ecosystem.

  • $USDT:As the most mainstream stablecoin, supported within the EVM ecosystem in MUAverse, $USDT can be used to purchase gaming items in the MUAverse market within the EVM ecosystem.

  • $AVAX: As the native cryptocurrency of the Avalanche blockchain network, it is supported within the EVM ecosystem in MUAverse. $AVAX can be used to purchase gaming items and pay for GAS within the MUAverse market in the EVM ecosystem.

  • $MANA: $MANA is the native cryptocurrency of the Decentraland platform. Gaming items purchased with $MANA in Decentraland can be interoperable within the EVM ecosystem in MUAverse.


Like most DAOs today, MUA DAOs use a combination of on-chain and off-chain approaches. On-chain governance revolves around token voting, while off-chain governance combines discussions and forum posts, forming a formal on-chain governance vote.

The governance process is:

1. High-level community discussions using chat and calls

2. Forum proposals with soft consensus

3. Token voting to achieve hard consensus

4. If passed while reaching a quorum, the proposal is implemented

To ensure the DAO develops quickly and smoothly while maintaining the community’s voice, the early community will give specific rights to a group of individuals/community representatives. For example, members of the vault committee can draw on input from the wider community and are ultimately entitled to make management decisions on grant allocations.

Whether a specific working group is still needed at a later stage will be decided by a community vote depending on the development stage.


Protocol Token :$MUA

Token Distribution

  • Community (including Airdrop & KOL): 50.5%

  • Community Treasury: 18.0%

  • Advisors: 1.5%

  • Investors: 15.0%

  • Team: 15%

Token Distribution Details:

Community (Including Airdrop & KOL)

505,000,000 (50.5% of total allocation)

Community will have 0.99% of their allocation released at TGE , the rest vested linearly for 36 months.

Protocol Token Rewards

The community will vote to switch on the feature of distributing token rewards to token holders. This is where we will introduce staking vaults to receive the rewards directly through smart contracts into their accounts. Mechanics of the distribution will be subject to proposal submission. The intention is to create staking vaults to earn rewards from the network as an APY.

MUA will eventually introduce various staking vaults that enable token stakes to earn rewards, encompassing MUA’s overall activities as well as specific activities.

A vault may also be designed to have a combination of token rewards from activities of the network and extra membership privileges such as discounts on the trading service charges.

Community Treasury: 180,000,000 tokens (18.0% of total allocation)

The MUA Treasury will hold 18.0% of the total tokens, will have 33.3% of their allocation released at TGE, the rest linearly vested for 12 months. This portion is allocated to support various community initiatives and operations within the MUA DAO ecosystem without any restrictions on immediate availability.


15,000,000 (1.5% of total allocation)

Advisors will have 33.3% of their allocation released at the network launch,the rest vested linearly for 24 months.

Investors :

150,000,000 (15.0% of total allocation)

Investors will have 10% of their allocation released at TGE. 90% of their token allocation will have a 1-year lock-up period and then their tokens will vest linearly for 1 year after the lock up period.

Excess tokens, an amount to be determined, will be released during the token generation event.


150,000,000 (15% of total allocation)

Members of the founding team will have 100% of their token allocation, with a 1-year lock-up period, after which the tokens will vest linearly over a further 2 years.

Value Proposition:

The value of the $MUA token is calculated as follows:


  • A represents all transaction fees collected within MUA Cantina, such as launchpads for various 7648NFT assets, minting fees, and transaction service fees.

  • B represents the initial development and minting revenue share for all digital assets created for brand owners (including scene development, AI characters, NFT merchandise, etc.).

  • C represents investment earnings locked in the MUA Treasury from purchasing nodes on various cooperative platforms (such as Gaianet, Myshell, Ultiverse, etc.).

  • D represents income from commercial cooperation related to MUA Labs.

  • E represents subscription fees for advanced tutorials and exhibition pages charged by MUA Academy.

  • Z represents other income generated and captured by other sub-DAOs within the ecosystem.

Token Recycling and Burning Mechanism

The MUA token incorporates a deflationary mechanism through four distinct methods that facilitate token burning:

  1. Early Withdrawal Burn: If $MUA tokens are unstaked prematurely, the staking rewards in MUA tokens will automatically be burned.

  2. NFT Series Merging for Brands/Events: Users holding NFTs from the same series can merge their NFTs by burning $MUA tokens as a fee for creating limited edition NFTs. These limited edition NFTs are scarce and pre-designed by the team.

  3. Automatic Burn from Transaction Fees: An automated mechanism is deployed to burn a portion of all transaction fees.

Token Use Cases:

$MUA can be used for the following purposes:

  • Transaction Fees on Cantina Platform: Use $MUA tokens to pay for transaction fees on the trading platform Cantina.

  • Payment for Network Services: Use $MUA tokens to pay for other services provided by the network, such as AI Agent node services.

  • Staking for Service Fee Discounts: Stake $MUA tokens to receive discounts on service fees on the trading platform Cantina.

  • Staking for Token Rewards in All Activities: Stake $MUA tokens to earn token rewards related to all activities within the ecosystem.

  • Staking for Special Event Token Rewards: Stake $MUA tokens to earn token rewards related to special events.

  • Staking for Exclusive Merchandise: Stake $MUA tokens to order exclusive merchandise.

Economic Model

MUA Treasury:

The role of the MUA Treasury is to oversee the management of MUA assets to maximize the return to the MUA DAO over time.

Economic Activities:

  • Asset Purchases: Buy assets in the form of cryptocurrencies, SAFTs, etc., and develop MUA 7648 asset NFTs to foster the growth of the creator economy.

  • Token Management: Manage tokens that are locked, unallocated, or unclaimed.

  • Guidance for Protocol Revenue-Related Asset Acquisitions: Provide guidance for events that involve asset acquisitions tied to protocol revenue (including any buy-backs and future funding rounds).

  • Financial Operations: Carry out financial operations such as accounting, auditing, reporting, and taxation. The Treasury assets are managed by the three co-founders using a multi-signature Gnosis wallet.

Fund Allocation: Ultimately, the DAO will be responsible for continuously making decisions regarding the allocation of Treasury funds. Until the DAO is in place and fully decentralized, the founding team will propose a funding allocation plan based on the amount raised, including anticipated funds from token generation events.

Portfolio Reporting: A portfolio tracking component will be added to the website, allowing guild members to view MUA's financial and performance data in real time.

This structure ensures that the MUA Treasury functions transparently and efficiently, aligning with the decentralized ethos of the DAO while supporting the growth and operational efficiency of the entire MUA ecosystem.

Product Roadmap


  • MUA Academy Launched: Achieved a community of over 5,000 certified creators. Established collaborations with world-class design institutes including MIT, CAFA, and SUTD.


  • MUA Labs and MUAverse Launch: Introduced an immersive multi-engine gaming platform incorporating both EVM and BTC ecosystems, with nearly 90,000 MUA boarding pass holders as daily active users.

February 2024:

  • Initiation of ERC7648 and BTC7648 Protocols by MUA: Focused on modular AI Agent assets that allow for free splitting, combining, and unlimited issuance centered around creator royalty recursion.

May 2024:

  • Launch of MUA Cantina: Enables users to select and combine different NFT modules according to their needs and preferences, facilitating the assetization of character-based AI Agents.


  • Expansion of MUA Cantina: Will connect to major Crypto AI ecosystems and deploy in a modular form across the entire blockchain network.

Vision and Prospects

MUA DAO aspires to evolve into a formidable and influential industry guild by empowering professionally trained and experienced creators to leverage their skills in the future world. The goal is to impact the construction of the Crypto industry significantly, enabling talents from various fields to profit from their creativity within the crypto realm.

Just as humanity has conquered unknown territories time and again, the community members of MUA DAO are driven by the spirit of pioneers and builders. They aim to forge a new world that is more free, fair, and efficient.

Created, Curated, and Owned by the Creator in MUA DAO.

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