๐Ÿ’šMission , Vison , Values

Modular Universal Asset (MUA) is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that aims to liberate creators, including humanized and AI Agents, from the current economic constraints of the industry. Our mission is to facilitate the free upgrading and combination of Artificial Intelligence + Humanized Modular Universal Assets, maximizing benefits for all involved. As the largest creators' guild in the crypto world, MUA is committed to providing a wealth of outstanding builder resources for the industry, optimizing community-owned assets for maximum utility, and sharing profits with token holders.

MUA DAO aspires to evolve into a formidable and influential industry guild by empowering professionally trained and experienced creators to leverage their skills in the future world. The goal is to impact the construction of the Crypto industry significantly, enabling talents from various fields to profit from their creativity within the crypto realm.

Just as humanity has conquered unknown territories time and again, the community members of MUA DAO are driven by the spirit of pioneers and builders. They aim to forge a new world that is more free, fair, and efficient.

Created, Curated, and Owned by the Creator in MUA DAO.

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