The main purpose of BRC7648 is to bring the values and assets from other blockchains to Bitcoin, so the users on bitcoin metaverses could use these assets conveniently. BRC7648 allows creators defining a copy of an asset from other blockchains to Bitcoin, and intergrating assets of many types (3D models, images, etc.) from multiple blockchains to new assets.

To DEPLOY a BRC7648, a creator needs to provide the following infomation:

  1. One or more assets from any blockchains. Each asset info includes the source chain, contract address or inscription id depending on which chain, and the token id is applicable.

  2. ROYALTY, a fraction number representing the percentage of the fees to collect for marketplace transaction. The fees will be sent to the owners of the assets equally by dividing by the number of assets.

  3. PRICE, the amount the creator would like to collect for MINT.

If a user wants to MINT a copy (NFT) of an BRC7648 asset, the user has to pay the PRICE to the creator in the same transaction (UTXO) of the creation of inscription.

The PRICE should always be paid to the creator of the DEPLOY inscription, even if the DEPLOY inscription has been sent to others.

To identify if a MINT is legal (paid), an indexer is required.

If a user wants to SEND a copy (NFT), the user could send the inscription of MINT.


A new brc7648 can be deployed using former brc7648 in its assets.

In this way, the ROYALTY will be calculated recursively.


BRC7648 follows BTC inscription standards and use JSON format to carry data for transactions and creations. An inscription indexer is required to process the blocks carrying BRC7648-formatted data and check if a mint action is paid as if it’s legal.

{ "p":"brc-7648", "op":"deploy", "name":"", "royalty":0.05, //5% "price":100000, //sats "image":"url to image/inscrption id", "final": { "content_type":"model/gltf-binary", "url":"url to file/inscrption id" }, "assets":[ { "asset_type":"chain_protocol|btc_brc420|btc_inscription|eth_erc721", "address":"inscription_id|contract_address", "token_id":"[empty]|erc721_token_id" } ] }

{ "p":"brc-7648", "op":"mint", "deploy_id":"deploy inscription id" }

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