Service provider

MUA DAO for Construction service provider

In order to build a mature system to realize the appreciation of commercial real estate in the metaverse, we decided to play this role by forming MUA DAO. We believe that the formation of DAO will quickly introduce a large number of high-quality builders to construct the metaverse. As you can see, the word MUA is short for Metaverse Union of Architects . The word architect means both an architect and a software architect in tech. In English, this word is the closest to the meaning of the Creator. Because in the actual digital world, creators can not only build buildings, but also create wearable devices or other interactive objects. We call all of these creators the metaverse architects.
Professional creators are sorely lacking in the digital world. How to turn real architects into metaverse content creators? We have established a comprehensive introduction mechanism, including introductory guides, work display websites, brand design competitions and so on. Through the organization of DAO, we establish a platform to showcase outstanding works and provide the most precious resources for construction in the metaverse.